Sameer Garg

Consult for innovative business solutions and ideas.


I carry 36+ years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry with an extensive knowledge domain that can add value to your business with unique and relevant solutions.

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Sector Expertise
  • Oil & Gas Marketing
  • Petrochemical Marketing
  • LNG
Management Consultancy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Channel Selection
  • Market Study
  • Operations Management
  • Policy Designing
  • Supply Chain Management - Liquid, Solid and Gas
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPRE)
  • Business Development (BD)
  • Pricing Strategy/Policy
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Retail Marketing
  • Contracting
  • Merger and Acquisition

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System Dynamic Model for Supply Chain Management
By Sameer Garg

System Dynamics of Supply Chain

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Trikal Bhagwad Gita
By Sameer Garg

The story of Bhagwad Gita’s evolution, will make the experience of reading Gita more enriching.

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